Monday, August 31, 2009

Arkansas' First Jewish Torah Scroll Completed -- (My Dad Makes The News!!)

Check out the accompanying KTHV-DT article here

My dad, John Klassnik, gets a mention in the text as well as a few seconds of air time.

The article includes some interesting information about this Torah's making:

The Torah is made from kosher products; natural ink and parchment. It was sent to Israel once to be blessed during the eight months it took to finish. Scribe Moshe Klein spent countless hours working on the project. He says the job is controlled by hundreds of religious laws and requires complete dedication of the mind, body and soul.

"Every morning before [the scribe] sits down to write, he has to immerse in special rainwater and then sit all day to write and not listen to the radio, or anything. [He has] to just think about writing the Holy Bible and have the mind only on good things," he said.

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