Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Memoriam In Memoriam In Memoriam Ad Nauseam Fcking In Memoriam

Am I the only one who's fcking sick and tired of the phrase "In Memoriam" ??

I mean come on it's like trying to build a greek (or roman, i guess) temple around your heart. Like wearing a lion's oracle-wig and placing a bunch of feathers in your ass. (maybe?) Mercury, Mercury, Mercury

Why can't our grief or respect be in english? Simple, plain, here-and-now english.

I'm tired of death. O, God, I'm tired. But I'm also tired of billions of chickens blowing there tears through a cheap and cheesy iron-latin whistle.

From generation to generation to generation.

Like cathedrals.

Or baseball.

A kind of garlic. Or praying for rain.

A rotten old hag. Garlic dried-up and rotting between her legs. She pokes her head over the railing. Her tits are sour, tongue a big fat ball of bloody need. Her brain a thorn of blood. A dead swollen thorn all disfigured nondescript and boring and opening its mouth (scarred and impotent) in grief's hard piss. Like a fcking dog. But without the honesty.

I need a drink. O, Christ, I quit drinking. Christ!!!!!!!!!!


Andrew Lundwall said...
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Andrew Lundwall said...


Chad Reynolds said...

Amen, brother!

Radish King said...

I rather liked the feathers but I guess I'll have to remove them now.