Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All the Messiahs - Mud Luscious (5 new poems)

A handful of my "All the Messiahs" poems are now up at J.A. Tyler's "Mud Luscious"

I've just read through the issue and there are lots of really interesting pieces (poems and short fiction).

Here are some bits and pieces that spiked my brain

from "Brother" by Mike Meginnis

I am not like the moon, I am like a beach. The tide is out. There are shelled creatures and baby turtle corpses and dead jellyfish scattered around him in the gray sand of me. My organs I guess. He is dead on the beach, or sleeping. He is waiting for the tide. There is nothing more lonely than to have a person inside you.

from Killer Time by Pecho Kanev

I have problems with my head
I have problems with the world
I have problems with all these empty bottles
of Beck’s all around me
I have problems with my lonely nights
with my lonely erections-
useless and trivial

from The Final Feast by Ethel Rohan

At the end of the beginning of love lies the origin of man’s inferior spirit, his shriveled heart, violent longing. I know it. I know it and don’t think I can contain the conviction of it inside my skin. No, the truth of the end of the beginning of love must get outside me in the same way that babies must get outside their mothers.

from We Grew Pianos by Russell Thorburn

Instead of gardening
we played the piano side by side,

following as the sun hung there
on our bare heads

and, last, but not least :)

from Intersect by Tia Prouhet

So we leave each other now,
jerk ing and snap ing
our way to other beds
full of flesh and hands
that will teach us
how to curl.

to check it all out go here


tia prouhet said...

Hey. While googling my name (which sounds far lamer than... no, it is as lame as it sounds) I saw this. Thanks.

Rauan Klassnik said...

you're welcome... and, lame.. yeah, sure... but you're not the only lame one out there!