Friday, October 24, 2008

John Wayne Tribute Gun-- Racks

As I'm sure is the case every month, the last 15 or 20 pages of the November issue of Field and Stream are filled with advertisements small and large.

Here besides the usual male-enhancement product choices (Size does matter, etc, etc) you can find axes, pen knives, knife sharpeners,

A deer-hunting board game called “white-tail opoly”

Calendars called “Racks” highlighting full-busted young women in bikinis holding racks of antlers still attached to snow-white skulls.

And much, much more….

What interested me most, though, was the full page devoted to the sale of the John Wayne Tribute rifle:

“John Wayne stood larger than life on the silver screen, and just as tall in real life. During his long career, he appeared in more than 150 films, and audiences around the world recognized him as the one man who best represented the spirit of America.

… … …

Now, with authorization from Wayne Enterprises we are proud to announce the John Wayne Tribute Rifle, a handsomely decorated firearm issued in remembrance and tribute to this distinguished American and legendary Western film star.”

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