Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Housewives into Poets

On Sunday September 21st I was one of the readers in the Dirty Water Reading Series. It was great. Great readers. (I was one of four.) Great crowd. And it was a great Writer's Center: Grub Street.

I guess "great" is my word tonight. Maybe I'm a cereal-box tiger. G-r-r-r-Great!! (or however that goes)

Anyways, on the walls they had great quotes framed up. (And page excerpts from stories with written critique notes.)

One quote in particular caught my eye:

"Turning housewives into poets."

Fair enough. But I think we should also be turning poets into housewives!
Housewives who buy books of poetry. And attend poetry readings that is.

Maybe it's just me but it sure seems like we have a whole lot of poets.

(and i'm not being sexist here. "husbands" works just as well instead of "wives." except that it sounds bizarre. house-husbands!!)

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