Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Readings (Olympia)

These are from Swing Wine Bar in Olympia, WA.

Thanks to Nate Liederbach for organizing the reading. (Nate's starting up a monthly series so if you're going to be in Olympia or Seattle or close and you'd be interested in reading in the series please contact me and i'll get you in touch with Nate.)

Thanks also to Nate's sister, Jess who's a part-owner of Swing. Jess is really cool. Even though she regularly consults with a pet psychic.

Jess's partner Dale is really cool too. Even though he spent all of 1982-1985 in a very questionable place of business.

((p.s. be careful if you go to a Swing Reading. if you drink too much Nate's probably going to rope you into Hedge-Diving. if you don't know "Hedge-Diving" is pretty much what you'd expect it to be. What you wouldn't expect, though, is that Nate's dad (no spring chicken) would do the most diving.... and for whatever it's worth Nate's dad looks a lot like my German friend Olaf, no relation))

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