Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blue Mountain (Pendleton)

Last Wednesday, October 29th, I read at Blue Mountain Community College. It was a great experience in many ways.

1) Thanks to Shaindel Beers for organizing the reading, promoting it, and getting such a large and enthusiastic crowd.

2) Thanks to Michael, "the student."

3) Adam. After the reading Adam asked me if I'd read Bukowski. I said I hadn't. After Shaindel's class, which i guest taught, Adam gave me a Bukowski book. I read most of it on the drive to Seattle and really enjoyed it. Thanks, Adam.

The drive from Portland to Pendleton was very scenic for the most part, and then again from Pendleton to Seattle. The mountains seemed to me to be covered with deer skins and I admired the trees whose meaning didn't properly clarify to me till the next afternoon when I watched a documentary on Vlad the Impaler and saw woodcuts and paintings of his Forests of the Impaled.

Vlad the Impaler:
A maniac of a man. Artist. Military Genius. Etc. Etc.

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