Thursday, October 11, 2012

all my Facebook Friends (demonish babies}

I dreamed all my Facebook Friends had just given birth and I was scrolling down Liking every one in a snowball-building swoon of ecstasy. Then I went out for a walk and took a shortcut thru the woods where I was set upon by an insatiable horde of babies snarling and livid and vicious as mad, demonish wolves. But, as they tore chunks out of my calves, quads and buttocks I was, tho, able to snap a few pics which I quickly and gleefully posted. And in just a few moments they’d garnered thousands of Likes and Shares and Shares and weepy RIPs (“goodnight, sweet prince,” etc,) from total but caring and kind-hearted strangers. This, of course, made dying much easier. And then, later, a Friend who came upon my scraps posted a video to Youtube which went absolutely viral. And this helped too because I float about with my head held high and my chest bursting with pride— And all the angels, addicted to their social media, treat me extra special.

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