Monday, November 9, 2009

District 9: a Review (?)

You know a movie's bad when you think it's a spoof and it's not. This movie is funny. but the satire (parable) is too heavy handed and the story line's got more holes in it than swiss omelettes.

This is a movie I should by all rights have walked out halfway through or earlier. And if my wife stayed to watch I should have hunkered down in the men's room stroking my stomach which is growing, these days, in leaps and bounds. Man, I have cravings!

But something made me kind of like it. The weak narrative? Cheesy costumes? Bad Nigerian caricatures? (my brother tells me that it's been banned in Nigeria). Bodies exploding? Weak romantic and "human" (like the ending--- only works if you're laughing!) moments? The hilarious character of Wikus van der Merwe who I was occasionally tempted to take seriously? (I never was never tempted in the same regard with respect to his alien compadre--- i mean, c'mon !!).

But, whatever. All in all this is a movie I do recommend. But save the head scratching---Just don't take it seriously!


Poetry Bear said...

ha! i loved that movie (meri hated it). though you didn't like No Country for Old Men either, and i did.

do you think actually being from South Africa contributed to your dislike of District 9?

you planning to see The Road? you'll have to let me know how much you hate that.

Rauan Klassnik said...

nah, i don't think being from south africa made me dislike... in fact that's what me like it.. with the great Wikus van der Merwe: only south africans, or ex-ones, can really appreciate that guy.....

The Road--- well that's going to be one helluva downer--- who's directing? Clint Eastwood? shot in black and white? or like the book just shades and shades and shades of grey !!!

Poetry Bear said...

if this preview is any indication, The Road is going to be awesome(ly depressing):